Manager, Safety, Health & Environment

Posted: Sep 08, 2020

Location Manchester, PA


  • Establish and implement plans to improve EH&S performance indicators
  • Track and report EH&S metrics as required to the Group, local, state and federal authorities
  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations for environmental and safety areas including OSHA guidelines and hazardous materials
  • Ensure compliance with Group EH&S requirements
  • Evaluate costs through specific analysis, research equipment and make appropriate recommendations
  • Evaluate and implement best practices between distribution centers
  • Participate as a key steering member of safety committee
  • Conduct regulation inspections and maintain official registers
  • Organize safety, health and environmental training for new employees
  • Establish accident prevention measures and identify and develop safety-training programs
  • Establish emergency response plan and team
  • Assess departmental procedures and establish work safety standards
  • Keep up to date with knowledge of industry standards
  • Train and support operations in accident investigation techniques. Working with operations and Human resources, conduct in-depth investigations of accidents to determine and recommend immediate corrective action. Identify sources of physical safety hazards in facility work areas, investigate solutions and make recommendations for corrective
  • Analyze factors that may create accidents, accident conditions, or enable multiple
  • Review and assist in the adoption of standardized “Best Practices” to optimize DC
  • Maintain current certification in DOT Transportation and RCRA Hazardous Materials
  • Coordinate all safety efforts with the Director of Operations and all departments within the
  • Identify high risk accident situations and assist departments in the implementation of control
  • Participate in any special assignments or projects relating to EH&S

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